About Our Worship Services

Knotts Memorial United Methodist Church has two main Worship times on Sundays, 10am & 7pm. While we have this to give ample time to Lord on His day, it also allows more choices. For those who may be at work Sunday Morning we have Sunday evening Services.

Pastor Rick Metheney, and our lay speakers provide great messages from God at 10 am during Sunday Morning Worship. Pastor Rick provides the message 3 of the 4 Sundays a month, leaving the other Sunday for spiritual growth of our lay speakers. You are only cheating yourself if you miss out on these opportunities to sing praises, share and hear testimony, worship, and hear the Message from these knowledgeable Christians.

The first and third Sundays of the month we have a Worship service at 7pm at Minnie Hamilton Health System’s Long Term Care Unit with the residents that live there. They are an extended part of our family, and we enjoy having this worship time with them.

On the second, third and fifth Sundays we have a praise service at Knotts. It is a time that we focus on praising God through song and testimony. Lay leaders and the Pastor bring the Word during this time, providing another opportunity to hear God’s message.

We also have several special worship services throughout the year. These include but are not limited to New Years Eve Service, Ash Wednesday Service, Easter Sunrise Service, and Christmas Eve Service.

Why Worship with us versus at Home?

While many think that it is good enough to stay at home, read the bible, and watch the word on television, that is not entirely true. One gains so much by being in a spirit filled room of believers. Our church isn’t filled with members, it is filled with family. Family that believes alike, and that can be there for you when you are down. Family that can help through rough times, and can celebrate the joys of your life with you. Family that you can plan activities that are appropriate for the christian life with. No matter what you are going through in life, good or bad, there is someone else out there that has been through the same situation. Believe me or not, it is true. What better place to find those people then in church. Do you want the Worldly advice, or the Godly advice?